Author,& Public Speaker

President Emeritus, Global Academy

Dr. Fred DiUlus is the Founder and CEO of Global Academy (Online). For the past 15 years he has grown and developed the education consulting firm  and its ongoing expertise into the nation;s #1 new online and blended university builder. The firm forms,initiates staff, develops accreditation to operate successfully, and places schools on the global stage as non-profit charitable education tax free schools dedicated to education. Along the way Dr. DiUlus has consulted with governments and non government organizations throughout the world on higher education development. He has advised creative initiatives for new online and blended schools as well as for traditional college add-on's in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, China, South America, Central America, Canada-USA, Africa, India and the Middle East, .

Exectuve Director,


GlobalAcademy_jpg_5932.pngcefelogo.gif supports the ideals of the international outreach through its mission known as the BILLION DOLLAR PROJECT, a global effort to promote and expand international awareness and self-help opportunities to crush global ignorance. CEFE’s Mission promotes international economic development at the grass roots.